4 Art Space Jakarta yang Akan Bikin Anda Makin ‘Nyeni’

sumber : Bukan lagi dua dimensi, karya seni semakin ke sini semakin beragam bentuknya. Galeri sebagai tempat untuk mengurasi, menampung, dan memamerkannya juga tak lagi sekonvensional dulu. Kini, art space sudah punya keunikan masing-masing serta tentunya makin layak untuk diapresiasi. Mengapresiasi karya seni hanya dari depan layar laptop/ponsel jelas tak akan terasa cukup. Pencinta seni menyayangkan […]

Best 14 Unique Handicrafts of Indonesia

sumber : Like we know, Indonesia is one big country with so many unique and different culture for every islands. Some of them are dominated by Islam, some by Hindu, others by Christian, and so on. Beside they have unique culture, its also make them have lot handicrafts which attracted some tourists and make […]

5 Hal yang Dapat Mengisi Waktu Luang Menjadi Lebih Produktif

Sumber: Bagi beberapa orang waktu luang dihabiskan untuk melakukan kegiatan yang tidak sesuai dengan keinginan. Padahal, waktu luang dapat Anda gunakan dengan sebaik mungkin dan mungkin menjadikan waktu luang yang produktif. Cobalah lakukan beberapa kegiatan ini agar waktu luang Anda menjadi lebih produktif. 1. Bergabung dengan Komunitas Tidak ada salahnya jika Anda mencoba untuk […]

5 Tips Seru Manfaatkan Waktu Luang di Akhir Pekan

Sumber: Jika Anda termasuk orang yang sibuk dan tak memiliki banyak waktu luang, saat tiba datangnya waktu luang bisa menjadi hal yang sangat dinantikan. Cobalah manfaatkan waktu luang Anda untuk kegiatan yang seru dan unik. Daripada membiarkan waktu terbuang percuma, coba lakukan 5 hal seru ini untuk membuat waktu luang Anda lebih bermakna. 1. Melakukan […]

Arizona The Host Of Great Events

When it comes to rental searches and home rentals in general, the Internet is the first place you should think to look. You have various properties advertised including townhouses, apartments, homes and condos. The World Wide Web can also provide you with property listings for duplexes, lofts and even vacation rentals. If you want to […]

Great British Sporting Events

In this article I write about some of the most famous British sporting events which take place on a yearly basis. My name is Steve Hill from Birmingham and I love to watch most sports especially football, tennis, snooker, horse racing and cricket. I am currently looking forward to the Fifa World Cup and the […]

Special Relativity Lite Simplified Version

Gradually to an increasing number of scientists, the numerous imperfections of this theory and the dead state of the scientific methodology introduced by it become apparent. Apparently, it is time to seriously upgrade STR and to subject it to corrective revision. With what is it necessary to begin? In a rebuke to writers on STR, […]

A Social Group With Substance

If you’re new to a town, or looking to change your life by bringing new people into it, there’s a website that can really help your struggle. Located at, MettIn is a website that provides ample opportunity for social exchanges completely free of charge. Completely staffed by volunteers, there are separate MeetIn pages for […]

Unemployment Blues Life Changing Events

If we are unlucky enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, we experience a personal tsunami misfortune of devastating proportions that sweeps away our routine lifestyle and forever changes the world we know. Yet despite the frequency of such events the tidal waves of Asia, the hurricanes of the Gulf Coast, the […]

Special Event And Travel Cancellation Risks

The beginning of the new millennium will be remembered as one of the worst times for event organizers world-wide. A sequence of disastrous events caused hundreds of thousands tourists to cancel their holidays. Weddings, familyevents, children’s summer camps, and thousands of commercial events and conventions were cancelled. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, terror attacks caused not only […]